Hunters Bend Home Owners Association


The association and homeowners are governed by the folllowing downloadable documents.  Restictions on properties and homeowner activities are contained in both the Certificate of Dedication and the Covenants and Restrictions documents and their respective amendments.  Operation of the Board and Directors are contained in the Certificate of Incorporation and Bylaws.  A table of contents for all documents is also provided.

The association

 Hunters Bend Homeowners Association (HBHA) is incorporated as a non profit homeowners association under the  laws of the  State of Oklahoma to enhance and protect the value, desirability and attractiveness of the subdivisions properties, maintain the  common areas and promote the health, safety and welfare of Hunters Bend residents.

 HBHA is incorporated as a MANDATORY homeowers association.  The incorporation empowers the associations officers 

  • to conduct business on behalf of the subdivision's residents to acquire, construct, maintain and operate common areas
  • to set and collect assessments on the subdivision's properties and
  • to enforce the legal covenants of subdivision.  

 The associations officers are elected to a one year term in the annual meeting held at the end of January.

 Each lot (a total of 87) represents one vote in the association's election's.  

 HBHA is also registered as a City of Tulsa Homeowners Association.